The hip is located where the head of the femur, or thighbone, fits into a rounded socket of the pelvis.

This ball-and-socket construction allows for three distinct types of flexibility – Hip flexion and extension, Hip abduction, adduction and Rotation. Hip problems occur when any one of these components starts to degenerate or is in some way compromised or irritated through sports or periodic wear and tear. At NJOSMI we offer the right solution for all hip related injuries, from early diagnosis and treatment to full functional rehabilitation.

At NJOSMI we are committed to getting you ‘back in the game’

We specialize in diagnosing, treating and providing preventive care for
all acute and chronic conditions of the hip, including:


• Hip osteoarthritis

• Hip bursitis

• Hip fractures

• Gluteal tendinitis/bursitis

• Strains and sprains around the hip


• Hip Replacement Surgery

• Hip resurfacing procedures

• Stem cell hip joint injections using fluoroscopic guidance

• Viscosupplementation hip joint injection using fluoroscopic guidance


Leading you back to sporting health

It’s All about How We Treat You

At North Jersey Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute Dr. Russonella is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and comfort of athletes of all ages, including patients with non-related sports injuries.  To provide efficient and excellent care he focuses on personal interactions and individualized care for each and every patient. He is committed to improving the overall condition of the patient as well as their quality of life by offering various treatment options to minimize downtime and maximize recovery.

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