Physical Therapy Q & A

What is the goal of physical therapy?

Physical therapy has several goals, all of which focus on your wellness.

  • Alleviate pain
  • Restore your range of motion
  • Relieve stiffness
  • Prevent long-term disability

Physical therapy is also commonly part of a recovery plan post-surgery. After surgery such as shoulder arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, or rotator cuff surgery, physical therapy helps you strengthen your body’s support muscles while you learn how to move safely.


What kind of equipment will I use during physical therapy?

North Jersey Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute has a state-of-the-art physical therapy suite on site. Equipment that you’ll use while under the guidance of a physical therapy team member includes:

  • Incline treadmill
  • Free weights
  • Full range pull-up bar
  • Exercise balls

Your physical therapy program may also include non-invasive pain relief treatments like moist heat treatments, ice therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation.

Who designs my physical therapy program?

Sometimes, you’ll start physical therapy as an alternative to surgery, while in other cases it’s part of your surgery recovery. Regardless of which situation you’re in, Dr. Russonella works together with your physical therapist to create a program that gives you the safest, fastest, and most effective recovery. The team can design a physical therapy program for patients of any age, from young children to geriatric patients.

One of the major benefits of having your physical therapy treatment at North Jersey Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute is that you get all your care in one location. It’s more convenient for you and makes it easier for Dr. Russonella and your physical therapy team to coordinate your care plan.

How long does my physical therapy program take?

It varies widely, as every patient is unique. If you’re in a physical therapy program to alleviate pain and other symptoms after an injury, you may only need physical therapy for a few months or less.

If you’re doing physical therapy as part of a post-surgical treatment, you may have treatments that last a few months or longer. Often, you’ll start out with more frequent sessions, and then taper down as you grow stronger.

The length of your program depends greatly on how your body responds, and on how dedicated you are to the program. The harder you work at recovery, the more results you will see. With the help of your North Jersey Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute team, you can have the fastest and best recovery possible.

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